Thursday, April 3, 2008

East TX Dressed in Spring Colors

Saturday, March 29 was a cool, cloudy gray day with rain forecast but we went off to explore. The trees have really leafed out in the last week or two & the flowers are blooming everywhere. The photos do not show the true colors of the flowers but they do give some idea. For photos click on this link

We saw a lot of interesting old houses & store buildings. The small town of Mount Vernon has a neat little town square with well-restored store fronts and a wonderful Genealogical Society library & research room. Since none of our ancestors had been in that area we didn't dig through any records but had a good visit with the president of the society.

We also stopped in at the Pine Mills Pottery Studio & Gallery. They have lovely art pieces with graceful shapes and gorgeous colors. The link to their site is http://http//
I snapped this photo as we passed a pied donkey farm.