Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Progress & Relaxation

While taking cool down breaks we sit in the shade and watch the wildlife. Ok, wildlife is limited to birds, squirrels, butterflies and bugs. There are at least two pair of bluejays, a pair of cardinals and a couple of squirrels. Earlier we saw some finch but they aren't making an appearance now so must have migrated. One day a squirrel ran up a live oak, leaped over to the hickory tree and ran out a branch just over me. He was being harrassed by a big bluejay, so after looking down at me the squirrel ran up another branch & launched himself into the big bur oak (we were told that was what it was) and disappeared among the leaves.

The utility pole has a guy wire running into some bushes out by the street so we started cutting out the bushes so the shredding machine could get in to the area without snagging the wire. To our surprise we discovered another guy wire that was broken from the pole and coiled around in the bushes. We took lots of photos & sent them to the power company. They don't understand what we are telling them. They think we are talking about the line to the house!

I not only have a black thumb when it comes to growing flowers, I really can't identify many of them. I have included photos in my album with some that I think I can identify. Any help you can give on what they really are will be appreciated.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Work Goes On

We are progressing on our cleanup. It is taking a long time to do the manual labor. This week we were told that the shredding machine was in the repair shop so that work on our property will be delayed at least a week. That means we can finish the fence post removal. R got some of Dad's old tools from his workshop when we visited Mother for Mother's Day. My Dad collected old, usuable tools for many years, both from individuals and old oil field pump stations. I think we now have a couple of pipe tools that were used in oil field work. We rigged up a boomer/come-a-long & chain and use it to pry out the poles that were cemented in. Still have to dig out around the concrete but it saves some steps. Here is a link to some photos of the piles of stuff we have dug up and pulled out.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Our New........Adventure???

It's been a long time since I wrote in this blog so I'll try to get you up to date. Fuel prices have doubled since we started our full-time rv living so we thought to be stationary for a while. We have bought some property in Clyde, TX. Clyde is about 15 miles east of Abilene on IH 20 and is about 1/2 way between Midland and Dallas, with about the same distance to Austin. The original ad for the property was for 8.6 acres in the city limits with city water & sewer, starting at the IH service road and running south. We later learned that it actually is 6.8 acres but decided it was still a good buy. There are a lot of trees, mostly oaks, and a tremendous amount of brush with prickly, spiney vines & bushes since it has not been cleared between the trees since the early 1960's. Our first thoughts were of an RV Park so we could continue to visit with some of the greatest people ever. The city had zoned this property for manufactured homes and are indicating that they are not favorable to rezoning for rvs. The neighbors don't like that idea, either. We are now thinking of selling some of the cleared property as mobile home lots since there is a great need for them.

There is a small house in very bad condition inside and poor condition outside. It was originally built as a garage & turned into a house for a widow. Building codes are iffy that we could actually clean up and remodel the house & live in it. It is much too close to the street according to the codes. We would have to put some money into the house with a new kitchen & bath, new wiring & plumbing, some new windows and general paint, light fixtures, etc. That is a lot of $$$ to put into it. We are glad right now that it is concrete block and would be safer than our rv in a tornado!

You can see some pictures taken in April of the property & the blooming iris garden. The photo above is hubby on the first day of cleanup.