Friday, February 29, 2008

This 'n That Shop I&II

Great little jewels of shops in the tiny Texas towns of Robert Lee & Bronte. The tag line for the shops is: Gifts: Past & Present. They have antiques, new and nearly new furniture, glassware, pottery, toys, children's books, cookbooks, hand crafted items and other stuff of interest. It is so much fun to browse and discover beautiful colored glassware that gleams on the shelf, 70+ year old doilies, china that we remember from our grandmothers' tables and a beautifully made wooden chest. Lots of fun browsing and chatting with the manager, Cyndy. Just one of the joys of being retired and being able to take life at your own pace while traveling in you rv.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hords Creek Lake

This lake is totally new to me, I never knew it was tucked into the rolling plains just 8 miles west of Coleman TX. There are 2 lovely Corps of Engineers campgrounds here, only one of which is open for use during the winter months. The lake is rather small but beautifully clean and seems to have good fishing. There are even some Group Shelters where large groups could have reunions, etc. On the weekdays we have a large area of the campgound to ourselves. On the weekends it gets busier and they tell us that during Spring Break weeks it gets crowded. We have enjoyed being outside when the winds aren't blowing 30+ mph as they have been the last 4 days. At least the sun is shining and it isn't cold.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Living Small

In our Campground Crafters Yahoo Group we discuss living in recreational vehicles (rvs) full time or for extended times. There are challenges to this style of living, such as finding enough storage space and organizing it for your stuff. No one type rv is ever perfect for every person so we adapt, customize and get very creative. Our Class C motorhome has a surprising amount of exterior storage for it's size. We have a full-width and height storage at the back called the "garage" where we put the lawn chairs, campfire starters, hanging bags filled with cables & awning tie downs and plastic storage boxes. There is a compartment just outside the entry door that I call the "trunk" that carries our slow-cooker, the tool box and plastic storage boxes of my out-of-season clothes. There is another compartment that carries our leveling boards and water hoses and another one that holds some seldom-used stuff. When we are traveling down the road we put our satellite internet dish in the back of the Jeep we tow (the toad) which also has a tote bag of my yarn. So you can see that there are ways to adapt and adjust to small spaces. Any time I have a flash of wishful thinking for more room, I remember that it only takes a couple of hours to thoroughly clean & freshen up the whole interior. After all we can move to a new location for a new yard view any time we want.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Permian Sea - Don't Expect to Surf

We are homebased in Midland TX, one of the largest population centers of the Permian Basin. The Permian Basin was formed as a sea 230 million years ago. You can learn more about it at this link Midland has a great museum of the petroleum industry and an exhibit of Chaparral race cars.

Recently we had a Sunday outing with friends to the town of Iraan about 85 miles south of Midland. We were fossil hunting for their rock garden & water feature. When hubby was a boy in the area he found many large fossils while roaming the mesas. We drove to a mesa top and found a few small fossils. My big find looked like a closed clam shell protruding from the top of a rock. Others were various kinds of coiled shells. It was a cool, windy day but still pleasant to be out and the view from the mesa top was great.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/17/08 Day One

I caved in to the pressure and started a blog of our travels and miscellaneous things that interest us. I've written journals to share with family & friends by email. My family doesn't think I ever stop talking. I've been accused of being gabby on a Yahoo group, Campground Crafters. So naturally a blog filled with my blathering should be a cinch. After all, we travel in our motorhome, I knit, we watch animals, we are history buffs, we geocache and waymark and love exploring all sorts of places so what is so difficult about finding something to talk about? Is this a version of stage fright?

We have spent a year in West Texas. This area is not really the Texas of western movies with a strong emphasis on cattle and ranching. This is oil country. Few people were here before 1900 so the history of the area is not as obvious as it is some other places. The land of the southernmost tip of the Great Plains is flat, sandy and mostly dry.