Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello From the Texas Hill Country

Way too long since I posted. We just celebrated Thanksgiving and our 45th wedding anniversary in Fredericksburg, deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. That seems to be the date of launching the Christmas season. Now, doesn't this say Christmas to you?

Fred the Bull masquerading as a deer or is it a reindeer?

We toured south to Bandera to see the leaf changes. Lots of color but fading fast. My little camera just couldn't get true colors so I gave up on that. We did see a couple of interesting ranch gates. One glowed brass in the sun but was only brass paint. Really great detail, though. Photos at

Friday, Nov 27, we went to the arts & crafts show at the Fredericksburg Marktplaz. There I took some photos of the Christmas Pyramid that was to be dedicated & lit that night. There is one poor photo of it lit up. The bottom level is the manger scene, the next has carolers, middle tier has nutcrackers, next level up is St. Nicholas and the top level that doesn't turn contains angels. BTW: we didn't find anything at the arts & crafts show that we wanted but saw lots of beautiful items.