Monday, March 1, 2010

A Visit To The Zoo

In January the cold chased us south to the sunny and windy Rio Grande Valley.  Texas weather has been exceptionally cold & wet this year & even the RGV got cooler than last year.  We have been able to get out many days in t-shirts or with a light jacket so we have explored and enjoyed.

On a cloudy morning with promise of sun by noon, we headed south to Brownsville to tour the Gladys Porter Zoo.  It has the reputation of being one of the finest zoos in the country.  We found it very nice but a little confusing in the layout.  We zigged and zagged our way through and watched the animals.  Most were sleeping or lounging around.  A couple of spider monkeys demonstrated their rope swinging abilities and showed off their long arms.

The gorillas are the zoo's real claim to fame but they all sat or lay with their backs to the watchers and ignored everything.  I didn't even take any photos of them. 

One peacock was strutting his stuff and showed off his tail fan.  When he had impressed us enough, he gently folded it away to wait for the next photo op.

I took a few photos, the clouds, sun and animals non cooperation didn't call for lots of photos.  We have enough, though, to remember our day at the Gladys Porter Zoo .