Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 Months Time Capsule

Since I am such a bad blogger I have let this one slide without posting for far too long. Guess I had better get you up to date. Lake Cochiti did get back to normal levels by the end of May; we had a wonderful summer enjoying being outdoors as much as possible; we saw the aspen starting to change on the mountains above Santa Fe; we bought a new truck and fifth-wheel trailer, selling the motorhome quickly and are parked at Hords Creek Lake near Coleman, TX.

On Thursday, Veterans Day, we drove some roads we had never driven and a few we had been on before. Our wanderings took us to the tiny community of Paint Rock, TX. It is a county seat but isn't a big shopping area. One business caught our eyes, Ingrid's Custom Hand Woven, Inc, a rug weaving company. They are dealing mostly in alpaca and llama fleece now, although they do some in wool and mohair.
The owner, Reinhard Schoffhaler, gave us a tour of the operations from the bundles of raw fleece to the finished products.  Since it was Veterans Day several of the employees were attending festivities so we didn't see all the actual washing fleeces, combing & spinning but had a great explanation of how it was done on the big machines.  They are using the underbelly and other parts of the fleece that are second quality, not for fine yarn but still wonderfully soft.  Think I could have set around petting some of the gorgeous fleeces for a while.  Eveything is naturally colored so there were shades of white, black, gray and browns.
We watched a weaver who told us just what she was doing and how she made transitions with color and pattern.  A beautiful rug was developing before our eyes.
Their website has descriptions of the operation and photos.  Ingrid's Handwoven Rugs