Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marfa, Texas

Does the name Marfa evoke any memories or associations?  The first time I heard it was as the setting for the 1956 movie Giant with Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean starring.  A tiny town with big name stars, must have been an electrifying time.  The Paisano Hotel housed the stars during the filming and has many photos of them.
Another Marfa association is the mystery of the Marfa Lights, ghost lights that appear in the desert.  Several times Ron & I have looked for them but have never seen them.

Over the years we've made lots of visits to the town and are pleased to see how everything looks now.  Lots of repaired and freshened up buildings, some artist galleries and small shops.  Check out these PHOTOS for a walk down Main Street, Marfa TX.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Geocaching and Waymarking

Game, treasure hunt, scavanger hunt, orienteering, historic site locating....any way you define it, geocaching and waymarking mean outdoor fun for us.  We began in 2002 with a Magellan handheld GPS gift from our daughter.  She also gave us the address of the website which had info on what the game was all about, how to locate a cache and directions to a large list of caches. has since added thousands of caches, getting so large that they split out the historic markers and other virtual caches into another website

We haven't been geocaching much in the last 3 years but we have marked a lot of historic markers and historic buildings.  Some of the directions to caches and waymarks have taken us down roads we probably would not have explored on our own.  We've learned a lot of history and some oddball info about different locations.  Some of the caches we've found are:
 The corral setting in SE AZ for the John Wayne movie "McClintock".
 Grave marker for camel driver Hi Jolly in Quartzite, AZ.
 One of the Quartzite, AZ Intaglios, many hundred years old Native American markings.
 Anchor from sunken ship US Arizona displayed on the Capitol mall Phoenix, AZ.
 Zero stone by the Pecos County Courthouse, Fort Stockton, TX.
Confederate graves in southeastern AZ.