Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walnut Canyon National Monument

In the high desert just east of Flagstaff, AZ is a deep canyon with an "island" configuration that housed the Sinagua people 800-900 years ago. We had visited it almost 20 years ago and today, as a final celebration of my 65th birthyear month, we wanted to see it again to verify our memories. The dwellings were built under cliffs around the perimeter of the island and along the walls of the canyon. They had a leak-proof ceiling of the cliff overhang and draft-proof rear wall and floors. They built front walls and side or dividing walls. The rooms seem tiny to us and very low.

The walls are ruins that have been stabilized by the National Park Service. Think there was a little rebuilding too just to show what it probably looked like. There is a narrow path around the outside of the dwellings near the cliff edges. 
Limestone forms the canyon walls

First sighting of cliff dwellings across the canyon

I could stand straight near the rear wall in this one

Ron could only stand at the very front

Visitor Center on rim where we started our walk.

Interior doorway

Ron would not easily fit through this door!

More dwellings on the other side of the canyon

Very first of the steps up out of the canyon

View of the Visitor Center from the other side of the Island

Sorry, no photos taken at the top, we were POOPED!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's A Slopper!

This is the slopper that Ron ate for lunch at the Sunset Inn in Pueblo, CO.  It is a huge pork burger pattie made as a cheeseburger on a local bakery bun and smothered with a green chili sauce.  The photo does not really show how big the bowl is but it is a large salad bowl, not a soup bowl.  The slopper filled it.  I realized how big it was and found the sauce a bit too spicy so I ordered a half size Italian sandwich.  My sandwich became pretty spicy by the time I was through.  I did have a few bites of the slopper and it is delicious.  After Ron polished it off, he groaned "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" 

Here is the website for the Sunset Inn type of Slopper & sauce.

I was impressed with the dome on the Pueblo County courthouse but it doesn't show well in this photo.  Pueblo has long been a steel mill town and was formed by merging 4 or 5 towns along the Arkansas River.

The next photos show that we are not in Texas in August!  These were snapped in Idaho Springs, CO west of Denver on IH 70.  Lovely to see the baskets of colorful flowers.  The old fire station was sandwiched in between other buildings in this old mining town.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Storrie Lake State Park, Las Vegas, NM

I have been calling it Storrie puddle since the lake is so low.  A park employee told us that the lake was near full at the beginning of the summer.  It is not now.  The lake is quite low and seems rather uninviting.  Here is the link to the park website so you can see how it should look.

Doesn't look much like a nice wind-surfing lake now with the heat and drought.