Monday, September 26, 2011

Workcamping in Texas

We are trying a new job on for size.  So far the fit is pretty good.  We are working for a contractor who supplies gate guards primarily for oil field drilling and rig rework.  Our job is to log in the trucks entering the gate and log them out as they leave.  Very easy and we meet some nice people.

We are located in the coastal plains just a couple of miles from the coast.  Our main scenery consists of ripening rice fields.  The nearest city is Bay City but smaller Palacios will supply some of our needs since it is closer.

Our contractor supplies us with utility trailers with fresh water, a BIG generator and sewer pump and storage.  Thank goodness the generator is big since we need both air conditioners running all day long.  In case you don't know, it is HOT and HUMID in this area.  There also are two bell cables that ring when trucks drive over them to alert us to the traffic.  Just like the old time service stations had.

Our trailer hides the signs for the other businesses inside the gate but they are only open to the public by appointment so we don't have too much traffic from them.

We are thinking that we may keep doing this through the winter although it is likely we will be moved to other locations when this site is finished.