Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gated Community Living

As gate guards we are truly living in a gated community.  Well, the rig is 6.5 miles down the road so we aren't exactly in a community!  Here are photos of our nearest neighbors.
This Cattle Egret hangs around to eat bugs drawn by our security lights. 
Aligator, about 3.5 feet long.
We just saw the gator crossing the road to get to another soaking pool.  First time we had a really good look at it but couldn't get any photos.

Our sunrises and sunsets here are spectacular, especially when there are a few clouds around.  In many ways they look the same with the red, pink, peach, orange to purple shade.  Here is a sunrise for illustration.
Dawn is breaking
The sun has risen!
The rising sun causes long shadows.