Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vicksburg, MS Visit

Mississippi River Bridge, Vicksburg, MS
Last weekend we were in Vicksburg for the first Magnolia State Fiber Fest.  We took some time for exploring, too.  Drove some of the Scenic Routes to see old, historic Vicksburg buildings and toured the Vicksburg Military National Park and Cemetery.  We had been to the National Park before and this time had the same feelings of sadness for the loss of so many lives on both Federal and Confederate sides.

We walked around the Historic Courthouse admiring the architecture and stately appearance.  Some sections of steps from the street are closed now and need a lot of restoration.  The building is a museum and the current courthouse is across the street.

The photos will tell of our explorations.
East side of old courthouse, Vicksburg
Old Historic Courthouse Clock-Bell tower

North steps and side of Old Courthouse.  Steps closed.

West side of Old Courthouse.

South side of Old Courthouse
Anabelle B&B built in 1868
South view from gun placement on Mississippi River.

North view from the gun placement
Ron by the Widow Blakely Civil War Cannon

Reenactors at Military Park
Texas military in the Siege of Vicksburg battles
The Texas Memorial at Vicksburg Military Park
The Texas Memorial at Vicksburg Military Park
One more view of the Mississippi River bridge at Vicksburg