Thursday, March 13, 2014

Home Builiding in Granbury

March 5: Walls up, roof with shingles on and windows in
Our RV travel has come to a halt for now in Granbury, TX where we are building a "stick and brick" home.  We found a good builder with a lot and floor plan perfect for us so it is a great match.  We are staying in an RV Park in Granbury so we can watch the process.  All the paperwork and permitting seemed to take forever but then the actual construction started and hasn't been slowed very much by the Winter weather.  Following are some of the 200 photos of the process so far.

Jan 18:  Lot cleared and mostly level, foundation forms installed
Feb 20: Trenches were dug, sewer and vent lines installed, those trenches covered, more trenches dug for the tension system foundation, black plastic stuff covered all that then the tension cables installed

Feb 27: Concrete poured and spread

Feb 28: Framing going up.  Looks more like a house shape

Mar 1: Roof ridge pole is installed in mid-air

Mar 1: Framed and ready to install roof decking

Mar 6: Roof decking crew worked so fast.  It was fascinating to watch the jigsaw puzzle fitting in of pieces.

Mar 6: Black paper and shingles spread across the roof.
Mar 12: Once the roof was on the plumbing, HVAC (heat, ventilation and air conditioning), and electrical were installed.  This photo shows the attic over the mud room where the HVAC system is and the spider web of ducting.
Yesterday stacks of sheetrock and bricks were delivered.  Not quite ready for move-in but it is getting there.


MeMary77knits said...

Wow, your house is going up fast. Can't wait to see it all finished. Congrats y'all!
Mary P

Knitphomaniac said...

Congrats is going super fast.....I am sure you and Ron are anxious to move in.

Who would have thought one could get so excited about sheetrock and bricks :)

Rosalie J Smith said...

Pat, it's looking like a real house now. Fun shopping for appliances, curtains, and all the goodies.


Bev Shipley said...

Exciting! I'm happy for you & Ron! You're like us...taking pictures of everything.

Merry Karma said...

Looking great! You will be in it soon. :)

Nikki said...

Can't believe how quickly it is going up! You must be so excited.